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Cup Noodles Museum

Hi, guys! Welcome to JAPAN FOOD TV, and we arrived at the cup noodle museum. An astounding selection of over 3,000 product packages shows how a single product introduced a half-century ago grew into a global dietary culture. There are the noodle-making machine. Ando Momofuku...

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Amano Foods

今回はアサヒグループ食品のフリーズドライ食品の試食会です! フリーズドライ食品は、日本特有の食品加工技術で、もともとの食物にあるビタミンCなどの栄養成分や食感を損ないにくい製法とのこと。 みそ汁や中華粥などのラインナップに加えて、さらにはパスタ・ 親子丼・ 豚肉の鍋など、驚きのアイデア商品もあります! アマノフーズは新鮮な食材を用いて、シェフが作ったその味をそのまま再現し、便利とおいしさを追求しています。 忙しい時のほかに登山の時など、携帯に便利なフリーズドライ食品! さあ、早速試してみましょう! *「チキンカツの玉子とじ」「一人鍋」は現在日本のみにて数量限定販売 * 2016年3月に新商品のカレーを販売開始。

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Gyunta-yaki – a Japanese savory pancake

This is Gyunta KITTE restaurant, we were brought here today for its dynamic sound that compliments its fresh hot Teppanyaki. Their Okonomiyaki, a Japanese savory pancake is made by a professional chef who has years of training experience and hand work that is also a...

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The legend of chicken wings – Yotteba

Char-grilled Satsuma chiran chicken is the signature menu of Yotteba, sprinkle oil on the chicken and chargrill with a large fire until the surface goes black. The secret of the popularity is the fragrance of this chargrill and the strong texture of the chicken that...

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Butasute – Sukiyaki and Gyudon

Butasute is a long established restaurant and it’s been over 100 years since it was founded. This ‘Isegyuu jyouniku gyudon’ was awarded a gold medal at The First Japan Bowl Meal Grand Prix 2014. Tamari soy source from Ise is used, but the taste is...

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Hirata bokujo KIWAMI – superb breaded pork cutlet

We want to eat a superb breaded pork cutlet with special pork! So that’s why we came here, Hirata bokujo KIWAMI. As its name suggests, this restaurant owns a pig farm as well. What highly important to mention is the thickness of Kinka-ton. The process...

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Specialized Miso Soup Restaurant – MISOGEN

Miso soup always has supported Japanese people’s health at the family table since a long time ago. The specialized miso soup restaurant, MISOGEN, provides you with a set of soup and a vegetable dish that is balanced for your food life and you can enjoy...

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Eggs ’n Things – Hawaiian Casuial Restaurant

Egg ‘n Things is a popular restaurant with the concept of the “All Day Breakfast”, they always get queues of people, even on weekdays! We are going to introduce three recommended dishes from the sweets hunter, Airi today! Firstly, their signature ginormous omelet made from...

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Tatsumi-ya – Gyunabe, The Japanese beef hot pot dish

Gyunabe, the Japanese beef hot pot dish is a symbol of the origin of modern society in Japan where we say that ‘the sound of civilization and enlightenment can be heard’.What we are going to introduce this time is hot pot dishes from Tatsumiya that...

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Bonsai restaurant Omiya

Here in Omiya in Saitama prefecture, a bonsai tour is held for a lot of bonsai fans attracted to the art of bonsai who come across from all around the world.The cardinal rule of bonsai is viewing from the front. So bonsai’s angles, balances and...